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Volunteer Teaching in Madagascar

Can you see yourself inspiring children to be the best they can be? If you can, this may be the perfect programme for you! At TRU, we hear from our team in Madagascar what an amazing difference our volunteers make to the school children they teach! Whether you intend to work as a teacher – or if you simply love working with children, our Volunteer Teaching programme in Madagascar is an incredible opportunity to shine, whilst making a real difference in the community!

Help Children to learn English for a Better Future!

Nosey Be is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Madagascar, so understanding English is important for children to have a better chance of work.  You will be teaching students of varying ages – in English – on subjects like Maths, Geography, personal development, music, art and technology. And you’ll have plenty of support from local staff, so you don’t have to have a formal teaching background – just a natural affinity with children!

Great Food, Beautiful Beaches and New Friends await!

When the school day is finished, you will still have plenty of time to explore all that Madagascar has to offer with your new-found friends! There is a rich diversity of wildlife to see, and many beautiful places to visit, from tree-covered mountains to breathtaking lakes and beaches, as well as local shops and markets.  And did we mention the food?! If you’ve never tried African cuisine, you’re in for a treat! All meals are included in your programme, so you’ll have plenty of time to try out delicious authentic Malagasy dishes!

Why Volunteer Teaching in Madagascar?

  • Help to build the confidence and language skills of Madagascan children
  • Experience teaching young students in an exotic location
  • Make new friends and explore Madagascar’s rich and diverse terrain
  • Stay in safe and comfortable surroundings at our volunteer centre (Wifi included)
  • Enjoy trying authentic African cuisine, with all meals and beverages* included

*tea, coffee and drinking water

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Trip Itinerary

Each day of the week works to the same schedule – you will leave the centre between 8 am and 9 am in the morning, depending on the location and timings at your placement school. You will spend between 3 to 6 hours each day teaching at the schools, with a break for a delicious lunch served back at the centre. Finally, with the school day finished from around 3 pm – 4 pm, you’ll have the rest of the day to yourself!

Weekly Schedule


  • Breakfast
  • Volunteer Teaching
  • Lunch
  • Volunteer Teaching
  • Dinner

Tuesday to Friday

  • Breakfast
  • Volunteer Teaching
  • Lunch
  • Volunteer Teaching
  • Dinner

Please note:

Cost of transport to locations is not included, but will usually be around £1.50 per day.

This schedule can be changed depending on weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Evenings and Weekends

After a day of volunteering, you can choose to explore the area or simply kick back with your new-found friends back at your accommodation. Many of our volunteers enjoy mixing with their new volunteer friends during the week and plan their weekend adventures as they go!

Places to Visit

With all year-round sunshine, Nosy Be is a paradise for aqua activities. The golden beaches are the highlights of Nosy be where you can swim, snorkel or just sit back and enjoy the sunshine. These are some of our favourite beaches …

  • Palm Beach
  • Andilana Beach
  • Ambatoloaka Beach

Trip Accommodation

Nosy Be, where you will be staying, is perfect for nature lovers! You will find lemurs, unique bird species, reptiles. and many other animals, including some pretty spectacular plant species!

And for the explorer, there are volcanic lakes, hikes, rum distilleries, Ylang Ylang plantations and breathtaking coral reefs that are practically begging to be discovered!

Further, if you come in May, you’ll enjoy the four-day Donia Music Festival; however, all year round you will have the opportunity to swim among turtles, stingrays or manta rays. This is truly an adventure you will not forget!

About the Accommodation

In our centre, there is a dining room, a communal lounge area, and a beautiful garden to relax. There is also a refrigerator which you are welcome to use to store food and beverages.
In addition, you also have a balcony and large roof terrace to spend some quality time with your new-found friends. Rooms are dorm style male/female and sleep 4 – 6 to a room and mosquito protection is available.

…and that’s one of the great perks of being a TRU volunteer; if you’re coming by yourself for the first time, you won’t be alone! There will always be others who, like you, are volunteering overseas, and there are staff on-site 7 days a week to help you. In fact, socialising is the norm here, so you’ll find you’ll not be short of things to do during your down-time. Wifi is available in communal areas of the volunteer house so you can catch up with friends and family – if you get the time!.

Malagasy cuisine is an experience in itself! Whilst it mainly consists of vegetarian dishes including rice and vegetables, you will also have chicken dishes to choose from about twice a week – in addition to daily vegetarian meals. And if you need to be eased into African food, we always have a mix of Western and Malagasy cuisine on offer. You can also use the kitchen facilities to cook for yourself or eat out at any of the local restaurants at your own expense.

There is an ATM about 15-20 minutes away from the centre, accessible by bus or Tuk-Tuk.
The closest local supermarket is also around 15-20 minutes away by bus or Tuk-Tuk from the accommodation.
Wifi is available in communal areas of your accommodation.


Transportation is available to all surrounding areas. However, transport costs are not included in the programme and extra provision must be made for your excursions.

Trip Country Info


Population: 25,054,000
Capital: Antànanarivo
Language: Malagasy (official) and 17 dialects apart from the official Malagasy language and French.
Currency: Ariary (Ar or MGA)
Time zone: UTC +3:00

Because of its isolation from the major continents, Madagascar is considered as a jewel in biodiversity terms, an exotic country with a high concentration of endemic species. Madagascar’s flagship species are 100% endemic with 101 lemur species. Of 285 bird species recorded 105 are unique to the country. Three fourths of Madagascar’s 860 orchid species are endemic to the island and 6 of the world’s 8 baobab species are found nowhere else in the world. But, human presence constantly threatens these wonders. Over 90% of Madagascar’s wildlife is endemic and cannot be seen wild anywhere else on earth.

Madagascar’s cultural richness differs from one ethnic group to another. And, 18 ethnic groups form the Malagasy population whose culture is based on the respect of the ancestors and the unity of the living.

Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island. It is one of the richest countries for biodiversity, but economically one of the poorest nations. 75.3% of Malagasy live under the poverty line, and the gap between the rich and poor is widening day by day. Despite dire poverty, Malagasy society remains open-hearted to everyone who takes time to discover and enjoy its natural and cultural heritage. This land of smiles and contrasts is ready to take you on your next adventure whether helping out in local communities or just exploring. This island located at the crossroads of the African and Asian worlds will surely amaze your senses. Madagascar will certainly shift the way you see the world.

Madagascar’s wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth, this is due to the isolation of the country.  In Madagascar the locals are kind and friendly, you will receive a warm welcome, despite the country not being one of wealth, the people are proud, and are proud of what they have.

If you want to move it move it in Madagascar get involved in one of our volunteering projects here.  You will be spending your gap year in a destination that offers a kind of hospitality from the Malagasy that you would get nowhere else.

Participant Criteria & Requirements

Standard Requirements

Criminal Record Check
Under 18's Parental Consent

Additional Requirements

No requirements have been provided.

What's included

  • 24/7 support in case of emergencies
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Pick up
  • English speaking coordinator
  • Meals
  • Orientation

What's not included

  • Airport drop off
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccination
  • Visa