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Gap year holiday travellers have a prime opportunity to explore the world, meet fascinating people, learn new cultures and help thousands of people; we give you the opportunity to make a difference. Our Gap year holiday programs and backpacking holidays offer volunteer work overseas giving you exciting adventures, personal development and heart-warming moments safe in the knowledge that you really can make a difference on your gap year travel.

Tru Experience Travel provides you with the opportunity to get involved through gap year volunteer programs, internships, gap year travel and work experience abroad from 1 week up to 1 year. We also offer you road trips and other exciting adventures to ensure you have a complete and satisfying real-life gap year travel experience abroad.

Volunteer Work Abroad

Many of us dream of travelling the world and seeing parts of the world we’ve only seen in television and film. The chance to experience another country and culture is an invaluable learning experience that will stay with you forever and the only way to truly appreciate a destination is to take an extended trip there on your gap year travels.

Volunteer work overseas is a great way of experiencing another culture as well as offering an important contribution to a number of projects throughout the world. As well as giving back to a community, you’ll learn to appreciate what you have at home as well as leaving a positive impact on the place you visit.

Imagine leaving a lasting positive impact in the country you visit, and making new friends and memories in the process, the power of volunteer work abroad and helping others is priceless.

We offer a number of volunteer work holidays in countries all over the world including South Africa volunteer work, China, Sri Lanka, India, Fiji and Brazil. So whether you want to teach, take part in an outreach programme for children, vulnerable women or the elderly or help protect wildlife – you’ll find something suitable for you on your gap year travels.

Gap Year Holiday

Taking a gap year holiday is a perfect opportunity to arm you with experiences that will help shape the person you go on to become. Experiences during your gap year travel will provide you with life lessons and adventures that you’ll look back on for years to come.

Gap year adventure holidays are far more than a normal gap year holiday. You’ll get to really see and feel a country through adventure packages that fit in with what you want to experience in a country from Yoga in Sri Lanka to Thai Boxing in Thailand to trekking the Himalayas in India.

If you are taking a year out after university or before you go to university, make the most of your gap year with a gap year holiday. You can choose from a variety of experiences on our site whether it is medical work, construction or teaching, you can enjoy yourself and take part in once in a lifetime opportunities whilst aiding others that need our help.

Gap Year Travel

The opportunity to undertake gap year travel is not one to be overlooked and finding a company that can aid you in getting access to amazing experiences is an important quality. Tru Experience Travel are a reliable gap year holiday specialist run by people who have travelled the world and experienced these adventures first hand.

Everybody wants something different from their gap year holiday and we understand that, which is why we have such a wide range of experiences to choose from. From Cambodia to Peru to Australia you’ll be spoilt for choice with our amazing opportunities.

Tru Experience Travel specialise in giving exhilarating experiences on your gap year holiday, with our experiences starting from only £300 fulfilling you’re travelling dreams may be cheaper than you think!

Backpacking Holidays

Whatever you want from your gap year holiday, you’ll be sure to find a suitable package from Tru Experience Travel. We offer a range of experiences including cultural immersion, volunteer work overseas, gap year adventure holidays, conservation work, medical work and professional work.

Backpacking holidays can offer a wide range of opportunities to those that make the most of them. Grabbing the chance to explore the world is an unbeatable feeling and choosing to take a gap year holiday could be the best decision you’ve ever made.

If there was a particular country you wanted to visit, take a look in our Destinations section on the site, here you can select what country you are interested in travelling to and what experience you would like to do the most.

Once you have found your dream experience and the date you wish to do it on, you have the ability to book online with us or give one of our team a call and they will be happy to help.

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