Am I too old to take a Gap year?
Is a commonly asked question we get here at Tru Experience and the answer to that is NO! It’s never too late to hunt out your old backpack dust it off and go travel around the world. In the inspiring words of Norman Vincent Peale “Live your life and forget your age. “

Read more and understand why we say No.

What is a gap year?
Backpacking, career break, sabbatical, travelling, gap year all mean a constrictive time out in between stages of life. During this time, you would go travelling immersing yourself in all kinds of adventures, volunteering, work abroad maybe take part in all. Students may take a gap year to improve their CV, gain experiences, try to find and understand a career path. For the older generation it is a time to take a break come away from the routines of life, an option that might not have been there before. Regardless of age it’s about living your life realising that the world is truly your oyster and there is a world of opportunities out there for everyone no matter their age. A gap year is about learning outside the classroom or workplace or the comfort of your homes its learning through experiences, developing you personally, professionally and socially, you are challenged, you gain knowledge, learn new skills and experience new cultures and environments. So, the question now is do you think you are too old to take a gap year?

What is it like being a mature traveller?
We at Tru Experience have had a variety of different ages from 17 to 72. Travelling whilst your younger you may have youth on your side but travelling whilst your older has many perks.

“I started travelling at what people would say an older age of 24 but when I look back at it now 24 seems so young! I am now in my 30’s and I must say I enjoy my travels as much as I did and more I noticed the older I got I was more financially secure, I didn’t follow the travelling trends, I gained more experiences and I had a deeper understanding of the places I was travelling, not everything was a picture or a social media post. I immersed myself in the beauty of the environment and didn’t capture the beauty with a camera lens first. I came back more well rested. The age groups are so mixed and I wasn’t just meeting 17-25 year olds but also people in their 30’3 40’s 50’s and 60’s that had the most amazing stories to tell.”