I remember the film that made me want to travel. Although it was quite a crazy film. I saw some real beauty in Thailand. We have all seen “The Beach” haven’t we? Well I didn’t go to Thailand, I was to worried about travelling on my own without knowing anybody. I wasn’t the best at starting conversations with random people, I use to always think they would think I was a weirdo if I started to talk to them. I started to get older and I began to suffer from social anxiety, my dream was over there was no way I could see the world on my own. I was wrong years passed and I hit 22, I had no idea of my career path at this point, but I knew I had a great opportunity to volunteer in a country I had never been to. Not only that but I would  be meeting people my age at the other side.

I did it, I booked on to my first trip away without my parents and siblings, for the money I had and the time I got i choose China, I was put in touch with other volunteers who were travelling the same time as me, and we managed to build up relationships via email, I felt like I knew the girls before I had even met them. We spent 4 amazing months teaching English to children in a village in Guilin, China.

From my first experience as a volunteer English teacher it made me grow as a person, my confidence grew huge amounts, and I found my anxiety began to pass. Volunteering abroad is not only a life changer for you the individual, but you touch and change so many life’s along the way. I have since travelled to over 32 countries (including Thailand) and each one of them has been incredible. If you are a shy person or suffer from anxiety’s, I would totally recommend your first step be to volunteer abroad. Choose one of our gap year volunteer programs today!


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Miss H