Where can I volunteer overseas? There are many countries around the world you can volunteer overseas. There is always something for everyone who wants to help and give back to the local communities they visit. Some of the projects that need volunteers most are animal rescue shelters, Women Empowerment projects and local schools that do not have enough funding or donations to give the children their basic needs. When volunteering overseas you can guarantee you really will make a difference as little or big every moment spent counts!

Volunteer with kids

You can volunteer in many incredible Destinations Including Volunteer Teaching in Kenya   Kindergarten Volunteer in Palawan Philippines   Canine Rehabilitation Volunteer in Kathmandu  Women Empowerment  in Nepal to name a few.

If you would love to do more than just visit a country and its beautiful views, volunteering abroad is certainly a great way to live with the local communities and embrace a different way of life and culture.

Animal Rehabilitation