Trip Details

This program is the first step towards your successful stay. It is mandatory for all those who wish to join China’s Internship program (booked separately)

Whilst it has the longest written history in the world, and despite its staggering economic performance and entry onto the world stage, as heralded by the Beijing Olympics, China remains an enigma to many.

Of all Asian countries, it is perhaps the least understood. This program takes you beyond the headlines that appear in the Western press, away from politics, away from the big cities and the normal tourist attractions.

You will learn how to make dumplings, taste oil tea, and learn the rudiments of the language, practice calligraphy, as well as some of the rituals. Through a range of activities: learning sessions, visits, sightseeing and hands-on practical cooking/craft sessions, you will gain a deeper appreciation for what China gave, and continues to give, to the world.

But we also focus on developing a practical understanding of everyday China, beyond its cultural roots. It is the ideal start point for anyone visiting China.

There is only one rule: if you want to know anything – ask!

Aims & Objectives

  • Give you a real insight into authentic Chinese culture
  • Help you learn phrases to help you understand the people you will be engaging with
  • Prepare you with the cultural training necessary for your internship

Trip Itinerary

General introduction: We kick things off with a meeting where we introduce staff and colleagues, explaining program descriptions, basic do’s and don’ts and discuss some general rules. We’ll also look at signing any required agreements and registrations.

City tour: We will show you around your new neighborhood…supermarket, good restaurants, the metro route, shopping malls, cafés and more!

We will have a welcome party for all of our interns to get together and enjoy. A good time for you to make new friends and share useful tips and experiences.

Chinese lessons: Our coordinator will teach you some basic “survival” Chinese words and phrases that you can use on a daily basis. Time to take notes!

Sightseeing time! We’ll visit People’s park, Tianfu Square, and Kuan-Zhai Alley, places that are a must-go when you come to Chengdu. You can try some local snacks and get a feeling of Chinese life.

Embrace the new food culture! We will take you to the famous Hot Pot where you can try the most authentic hot pot meals while our coordinator explains the unique food culture in Chengdu, a huge part of the people’s daily life here.

After two days in China, you will definitely discover some differences to your own culture, maybe and some things that you don’t understand. Today we’ll give you a general lesson about the cultural differences and the reason behind it to help you understand the culture better.

Also we will find time to to explore and try out some Chinese traditional art forms, such as calligraphy and colour painting!

More Chinese language lessons: Today we will teach you some basic Chinese phrases often used in the office, sure to help you adapt to your internship more easily. You’ll also be introduced to your Chinese learning partner (usually a University student), who is their to help you with your language difficulties throughout your whole internship.

Time to relax with a Chinese game night! We will teach you some popular Chinese games, like Mahjong and Chinese Poker…local favourites!

Training course: An introduction and some team building games surrounding Chinese Courtesy, which will come in handy for your upcoming internship where you will have a lot of Chinese Colleges and also helpful if you want to make more local friends.

Sightseeing: After two days of training and learning. We will take you to relax at the Eastern Music Park, a creative art zone. Here is where you can visit some art galleries, bookstores and a really nice cafe.

Karaoke Night! We will take you to the most popular hang out place in China—Karaoke aka KTV!

Our coordinator will take you to the company where you’ll be having your internship for you to meet your new company. You will meet the company representative that’s assigned for you. They will help to settle you in, handle your further introductions and arrange your work schedule.

After you visit your placement, we will get together to share your thoughts with the group on how and to others how you see China before and after you come, and your expectations on this internship experience.

And after the presentation, we will go to the local market to prepare for a homemade Barbecue.

Enjoy a delicious barbecue we’ll cook together and let’s watch a cozy home movie afterwards!

Trip Accommodation

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province of China and also one among the three most populous cities in Western China. Chengdu is one of the most important economic, financial, commercial, cultural, transportation and communication centres in Western China.

Chengdu also had the reputation of being ranked among one of the most liveable cities in China, with bustling streets, new magnificent buildings, historical towns, beautiful monasteries.

Accommodation & Food

Your room will be in a hostel located in the centre of Chengdu city. It features colourful accommodation and offers a tour desk, a garden, a shared lounge, a bar and a restaurant.

There is also a desk, electric kettle, hairdryer and the bathroom comes with free toiletries and slippers.

Limited Private Rooms available. Please contact us to confirm availability

Food Arrangements
Your meals will typically be Chinese dishes common of the local area, comprising mainly rice, noodles and vegetables with some meat.


The accommodation is just a 10-minute walk away from airport shuttle bus station and only a 5-minute walk from Huaxiba Subway Station (line 1).

The hostel is located in the city and so all amenities are located within walking distance. Shops are open from 10:00 to 22:00 in Chengdu city, Monday to Sunday.

If heading to the Panda reserve, remember Chengdu might be your last chance to withdraw money, as the nearest ATM that accepts international bank or credit cards is an hour away by car from the Panda Base.

Sights & Surroundings
Like any major city, Chengdu has a lot to offer in terms of things to do and see. Although a guidebook can tell you everything you would need to know, here are a few ideas we recommend:

Jinli Street
This is a commercial pedestrian street described as being representative of the city. Here you will find plenty of shops and street food

Wuhou Temple
Located near to Jinli street, this temple complex provides the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle found so close.

Mount Qingcheng
One of the most famous Taoist mountains in China at the top of which you will find Laojun Pavilion.

Bullet Train
Keep in mind that with the new High Speed Train service operating between Chengdu and Guilin, you can now make the trip that was once a 24hr journey in just 8 hours! China’s newest high speed trains, also known as bullet or fast trains, can reach 300 km/h (186 mph), or a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph). That means you have many new options, for combining programs in a variety of locations. The route, along this super fast and technologically-advanced train, couples a comfortable ride adventure with breathtaking scenery, in a way that should not be missed. So… All aboard!


Trip Country Info


Capital: Beijing
Language: Standard Chinese
Currency: Renminbi (Yuan) (CNY)
Time zone: CST (UTC +8)

China covers approximately 9.6 million square kilometers making it the 2nd largest country by land area. It is not only the country with the largest population in the world but it is also one of the largest economies laying claim to being the world’s largest exporter and 2nd largest importer of goods.

It is a country of incredible cultural history boasting one of the earliest ancient civilisations dating back to around 2800 BC. Its landscape is equally rich in diversity, ranging from its forest steppes, its deserts in the north and subtropical forests in the south to its 14,500km long stretch of Pacific Ocean coastline. All of this makes China an incredible and exciting place to be, both in what it has to offer today and the story of its past.

China has solidified itself as a contender for global recognition and as a tourist hotspot.  We have a number of  travel experiences in China from volunteering & gap year travel  to Tours and Paid Teaching.

With an assortment of climates and social structures, it is near impossible to experience all of China in a gap year trip. You can invest yourself and discover a whole new culture and still miss out on a dozen other cultures within arm’s reach while travelling in China, and these programs are dedicated to helping you help others while experiencing the different wonders of the country. Combine adventuring through nature with helping those less fortunate, and you have got yourself a stellar journey ahead of you. If you are looking for a gap year holiday in China, conservation work, an exciting road trip in China,  volunteer work with Pandas, teaching or other work & travel in China have a look at our latest experiences below or contact us for more information.

Participant Criteria & Requirements

Standard Requirements

You must be signed on to the Internship program to participate on the Introduction week

Additional Requirements

No requirements have been provided.

What's included

  • 24/7 support in case of emergencies
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Pick up
  • English speaking coordinator
  • Meals
  • Orientation

What's not included

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccination
  • Visa