When a lot of people think about gap year volunteering programs or travelling abroad the continent that tends to jump out is Asia, the world’s largest continent. The faraway land includes gap year favourite volunteer program Thailand which ranges from the vibrant landscapes of Bangkok to the tranquil Buddhist temples and remote style tropical islands. There really is something for everyone.

Perhaps though you’d rather head to China and end your trip with a walk along the Great Wall of China. Maybe you’d like to head off the beaten track in Laos, or perhaps you’d like to explore some of the 17,000 islands which make up Indonesia.

When choosing to volunteer abroad a lot of people go into teaching, specifically teaching English to natives. The experience of teaching abroad can be incredibly rewarding as not only are you brushing up your own skills but you are imparting your wisdom onto others in order to enhance their lives.

To fully immerse you in the culture and livelihood of locals in Asia, volunteering is a fantastic option and many providers will include options within their packages. How about helping out at a wildlife conservation park with endangered species for a month before travelling through the wilderness on your own? Perhaps you’d rather head to a remote village and help build schools and health centers for the locals? Whatever you want to get from your trip is possible in Asia and your volunteering options are endless.

If volunteering isn’t exactly what you’re thinking of and you’re a medical student/ graduate, a medical internship might be more up your street. International internships are becoming increasingly more popular, but medical internships can be difficult to come by. If you’re one of the lucky few who can add this exotic line to your CV then you’re sure to have the upper hand against candidates for jobs when you’re back home.

Few people can boast travelling halfway across the world to complete a medical internship in one of the fastest-growing wellness hubs within the world. Thailand is one of the most popular places to draw in medical students as one particular private hospital in Bangkok draws in more international patients than any other hospital across the world: so where better than to gain a medical internship?

Whether you want experience in nursing, public health or physical therapy you’ll stand the best chance at gaining transferable skills which can be used throughout your career both at home and abroad by doing a medical internship in Asia. You’ll also gain a fantastic understanding of the culture from the other side of the world.

Whether you volunteer, complete a medical internship or just choose to travel when in Asia you’ll have the option of jungles, forests, mountains and beaches, what more could you want? You can choose to trek through a jungle to visit a traditional community, ride an elephant through the forests of India, balance on handmade bamboo rafts down lakes and rivers and ensure that your gap year trip is full of excitement and adventure.