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St Lucia

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Capital: Castries
Language: English
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Time zone: UTC -4

Saint Lucia is an island nation in the Caribbean known for its volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, dense rainforests, fishing villages, lush scenery, luxurious resorts, tropical weather, hidden golden beaches, crystal-clear waters, its unique drive-in volcano, and “the Pitons”, which are two striking peaks and one of the many scenic highlights not only of Saint Lucia, but of the whole Caribbean Region. Saint Lucia is often a less popular destination among its neighbours due to its more remote location. However, this tiny country possesses unbeatable natural wonders and cultural legacy like no other!.

The culture of St Lucia is a mixture of African, French, and English heritage.  For example, English is the main language spoken although you will also hear a French patois dialect being spoken as a result from centuries of French control. The majority of St Lucia’s population comes from African slavery descent, and largely they practice Roman Catholicism, although very liberally. The museum in Pigeon Island National Park provides information on the island’s long history.  Life is enjoyed at a slow, laid back pace, and local islanders are extremely welcoming.

St Lucian’s are very proud to have produced a Nobel Prize laureate, Derek Walcott, who won the award in 1992.  They named a square after him in Castries, which has a 400-year old samaan tree shading the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. The country’s national sport is cricket, introduced by the British, and Darren Sammy is a St Lucian who is the current captain of the regional West Indies cricket team.

There are many lavish beaches to enjoy on the island, but many people new to St. Lucia also like to visit the Pitons.  These two colossal mountains tower 700m up directly from the sea.  Elsewhere, the Sulphur Springs are a popular attraction and contain the only drive-in volcano in the world.  here is also the inspiring St. Lucia Botanical Gardens, which boasts a superb selection of plant species and a waterfall.

Saint Lucia is the ideal destination for nature lovers and thrill seekers alike with its lush rainforest, mountainous terrain and numerous beautiful beaches.

St Lucia is like many of its neighbours, and has some disadvantaged communities that could benefit from your help.  Join our experiences and address some relevant social issues through the means of sport.  Coach and Mentor the future of St Lucia, you will get to see the beauty that this island has to offer whilst giving something back to it at the same time.  Please click on this experience for more information.