Tru Experience Travel


Covid-19 Policy and Guidelines

For destinations and projects that are able to welcome participants during the Covid-19 period, the following policies regarding bookings, cancellations and Covid-19 placements guidelines will be implemented.

Bookings and Cancellations

Throughout the current Covid-19 situation (until informed otherwise), we will adopt the following bookings and cancellations policies.

  • All bookings will require confirmation before we accept participants on the projects as this is subject to the time of booking and due to possible changes in terms of Covid-19 protocols.
  • Tru experience travel will assist with the latest travel advice, however this will be the responsibility of participants to make themselves aware of the latest travel restrictions, health requirements, visa procedures, entry requirements and local governmental containment measures before arrival through the proper channels such as official governmental websites for the travel destination.
  • Bookings can be amended and cancelled until 14 days before the program start date without any costs. Bookings that are cancelled within 14 days before the program start date will be charged the first week of the booking.
  • Due to the fluid nature of the Covid-19 situation; Tru experience travel can not be held accountable for the cancellation of a certain project as the result of containment measures imposed by the local authorities. However, we will always aim to provide the participant with a satisfying alternative program should such a situation occur.
  • When participants need to depart from their placement before the end of the program, due to Covid-19 related developments, the remaining weeks of the booking (only remaining full weeks) can be kept as program credit to join the program at a later time. This credit is not transferable to a third person and can only be claimed by the original booking holder.

Tru Experience Travel Covid-19 Placement Guidelines

At all our project locations and accommodations, we and the participants will strictly follow the governmental guidelines and policies regarding social distancing, regular disinfecting, wearing of face masks and quarantine requirements for both staff and participants (please make yourself aware). These local governmental policies and guidelines are always leading before the Tru Experience travel Covid-19 policy and guidelines and need to be strictly followed.

To further ensure the health and safety of the public (local community), the participants and our staff, we have implemented the following Tru experience travel Covid-19 guidelines, policies and procedures which are mandatory for all participants and are enforced by the local teams at all our locations.

  • A Negative Covid test is required within 72 hours prior to arrival and participants will have to show the result to the local team (most airlines require this as well).
  • We recommend all participants to wear a face mask at the project placement and in the communal areas of our accommodation, regularly disinfect their hands and keep 1.5 metre distance (where possible) from other people. Participants should bring their own face masks.
  • Participants that have a bodily temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher are not allowed to go to the placement, need to social distance, isolate themselves from other people and need to consult a medical professional. Bodily temperatures will be checked daily before going to the projects.
  • When participants test positive for Covid-19 onsite after arrival; Tru experience travel can not guarantee (alternative) quarantine accommodation within our centres. Therefore, participants should budget for additional costs in case they test positive for Covid-19 while on the project for alternative quarantine accommodation. All additional expenses related to Covid-19 such as, Covid-19 tests or alternative (quarantine) accommodation, needs to be borne by the participant themselves.
  • When a participant tests positive for Covid-19 onsite; all other participants on the same project and inside the same accommodation need to go and get tested immediately and have to go into quarantine for one week (7 days). When all tests are negative for Covid-19 on the seventh day, the participants are allowed to go back to their respective program(s). Participants who test positive for Covid-19 onsite need to be individually isolated and have to find (most likely) alternative accommodation elsewhere.
  • We recommend all participants arriving from January 2022 onward to be fully vaccinated.
  • All participants should arrive with travel insurance including health (medical) and Covid-19 coverage.
  • Tru experience travel will not house more than 4 participants in one room and aim to spread out the participants where possible.
  • Please note, this is not an exhaustive or exclusive list. The principle is that participants and staff should avoid actions or behaviour which may be harmful under the current Covid-19 situation.

Last updated: October 2021